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We believe that the best way to ensure our success is by providing our customers consistent quality in a timely fashion and at a fair price. Despite being one of the most technologically advanced die casting operation in North America, the key to our success is as simple and complicated as that.

Make Empire Die Casting Company your primary die casting provider and you will join a select group of national and international companies, many of which are leaders in the markets they serve. These companies have found Empire Die Casting Company to consistently be their top performer among all other die casting providers…and a company that lives its Mission Statement every day.

Mission Statement: Quality-driven people, dedicated to producing the best product through continuous improvement in communication, training, and service.

At Empire Die Casting Company, we’re very mindful of our obligation to the environment and sustainability. The depth of that commitment compelled the company to become an ISO 14001 certified company.

The key tenets of the Environmental Management ISO 14001 System Policy Statement include:

1. The ongoing protection of human health.
2. The conservation of valuable material and energy resources.
3. Eliminating or minimizing impacts on the environment.
4. Compliance with all applicable safety and environmental laws, regulations and other requirements.
5. Continual improvement.
6. Prevention of pollution.

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